"ONTVBACK3.5" to mount sensitive HDDs on the back of HDTV

Updated in 18/Feb/2011
"ONTVBACK3.5" is the external harddrive mounting solution for the recording HDTVs.So you attach it on the back of your HDTV with screws, you can keep the sensitive harddrives away from the unintentional mishandling of your family.Of course you can save the precious space of the rack by moving the harddrives to the back of the HDTV, since they are unequipped with the infrared receiver,the power switch and the informative display.

In addition,"ONTVBACK3.5" can also be an ideal harddrive cooling solution.A 12cm PC case fan can be screwed on the bottom of it.As long and hard driven for the recording and the playback, the harddrives should be kept cool to extend the lifetime."ONTVBACK3.5" is made of steel,so you can attach the fan with magnet easily too.

["ONTVBACK3.5" FRONT and REAR view]

[42V Toshiba REGZA Mounting example,REGZA 42Z7000]
Single Double
Harddrives on it
From upward
Slant view
w/12cm PC case fan

[Blueprint PDF]

[HDTV fitting]
Only Toshiba REGZA for example,Any HDTV should be fit as screw holes are by 20cm longitudinal on the same surface.The HDTVs such as VIERA、BRAVIA、AQUOS、INFINIA. 32V or larger recommended for the total weight.

(Toshiba REGZA) *Screw holes must be by 20cm longitudinal on the same surface.
32R1BDP, 32RX1, 47/42/37Z1, 37Z1S, 47/42/37/32RE1, 42/37/32R1, 42/37/32HE1, 37/32H1, 32H1S, 46ZX9000/9500,47/42Z9000, 37Z9000/9500, 52/46/40/32R9000, 42/37/32H9000, 46ZX8000, 47ZH8000, 47/42/37Z8000, 42/37/32H8000, 52/46/42ZH7000, 46/42/37Z7000, 42/37/32H7000, 46/40FH7000, 42/37ZV500, 52/46ZH500, 42/37/32RH500, 32H3200

[HDD fitting] Updated on 12/Feb/2011
  • Two typical 3.5 inch external harddrives can be accommodated in the space of height:225mm, length:140mm, width:240mm (Without screw head).
HD-CBU2 Series, HD-CLU2 Series, HD-CEU2 Series, HD-EBU2 Series, HD-ESU2 Series, HD-HESU2 Series, HD-HSU2 Series, HD-HSSU2 Series, HD-LBU2 Series, HD-LBU3 Series, HD-LBVU3 Series, HD-LEMU2 Series*1
LS-CHL Series, LS-XHL Series, LS-VL Series, LS-GL-R Series, LS-HGL Series, LS-SL Series, LS-WSGL/R1 Series, LS-WSSGL/R1 Series
HDCA-U Series, HDCA-LU Series, HDCR-UE Series, HDCR-U Series, HDC-EU Series, HDCS-UR Series, HDCS-U Series, HDCN-UA Series, HDCN-U Series, HDC2-U Series
HDL4-G Series, HDL2-G Series, HDL-GS Series, HDL-GS(LiteEdition) Series, HDL2-S Series, HDL-S Series, HVL4-G Series, HVL1-G Series
*1:Capacity left LEDs can not be seen.

More Information in Japanese. HERE

[For reference]
They are for the 2.5inch portable USB harddrives.2.5inch harddrives can be driven only with the USB bus power, so the AC adapters are not required.However the capacity is about three times less than the conventional 3.5 inch ones with the same expense.